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General Business Consultancy

General Business Consultancy

_DSC4249_2We at Commercial Plus understand that your commercial property is probably your most important trading tool and that like most things in business, it needs managing from time to time. Property issues can often influence other areas of your store and business and the same can happen in reverse.

In order to cover every eventually that may arise, under our general business consultancy services, we can assist in many areas of your day to day business life that will sometimes cross over. This covers issues such as but not limited to:-

  • Cash flow issues
  • Contract negotiation
  • Sales and marketing advice
  • Social media training
  • Finding the right accountancy solution
  • Dealing with your bank
  • Business purchase and disposal

By working with other commercial partners, we can assist with any business problem you are likely to encounter and can offer a complete service based upon your individual needs. And as always, we will always act based upon your individual circumstances as all businesses are different and we will always provide a bespoke solution.


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