What is Asset Finance?

For new and existing businesses, it's important to prioritise investing in the things which will help you grow. Whether it's new equipment or a refresh of your space it's not always possible to find the funds yourself or even raise the right amount on your own.

Asset finance is a financial solution which let's companies find the funding to invest in their business and pay for it in smaller monthly chunks. A more affordable form of funding means that companies can confidently invest in equipment and shopfitting without needed to pay back large sums or wait for cashflow before purchasing.

Freedom to pursue your business goals and grow your customer base and revenue are the ulitmate benefits of asset finance. If you would like to know more and find a solution that fits your circumstances then please get in touch either by completing the form here or call us on 07973 760701

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Why Work With Commercial Plus?

Commercial Plus are not your average adviser. We work on a 1-to-1 basis with all clients so there are no mysterious online decisions or complicated arrangements you have to make

Simply put, Commercial Plus are here first and foremost to help you find a deal. No matter what the customers circumstances we'll guide you through the process as well as provide totally impartial advice - We'll even advise you against solutions which won't be a good fit.

No matter your situation or needs we're confident that we can help you find a finance solution and ensure you understand fully what the decision entails.

Will I get a good deal?

The beauty of increased financial regulations is that as the customer, your experience and outcomes are paramount. Any adviser is there to answer your questions and offer advice that's suited to you and your circumstances. If at any time you want to change something you have the absolute right to do so.

  Personal Approach

No two businesses are the same. We appreciate this and so ensure that your case is treated carefully and in your best interests.

  Productive Advice

The help you receive will be for the benefit of your business and not ours. We pride ourselves on giving professional, bespoke advice at all times - no matter what your circumstances are.

  Property Solutions

Commercial Plus are experts in commercial property. If you need any advice regarding your lease, commercial mortgage or shopfitting finance don't esitate to get in touch.